8 June 2011
Digital Game Studies is open for business. Today we registered the digitalgamestudies.org domain and officially launched the DGS website. DGS is a new book series dedicated to examining all forms of digital games. The series was founded and is edited by Robert Brookey and David Gunkel, both at Northern Illinois University, and published by Indiana University Press. The website was designed and programmed by David Gunkel and registration was funded by the Department of Communication at NIU.

1 May 2012
Two titles have now been signed to the series. The first is an anthology of essays addressing virtual worlds and religion, tentatively titled Finding Religion in Digital Games. The collection will be edited by Heidi Campbell (Texas A&M University) and Gregory Grieve (University of North Carolina). The second is a collection of interviews and conversations with leading figures in game development, game studies, and the gaming industry. This project will be directed and edited by David S. Heinemann (Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania).




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